“Always render more and better service than is expected of you. Being of service to others is what brings happiness.”

The NSS Orientation Programme was held on 1 August 2016 with 200 student volunteers. Mr. G. Bhaskaran, NSS Coordinator I/C, University of Madras was the chief guest for the event. He explained the students about the motive of NSS and various roles and responsibilities of NSS volunteers. He urged the students to take part in social activities and improve their social skills. The chief guest concluded his speech with an awareness message about the environment and its protection.


The NSS Unit of the College organized a five-hour cleaning campaign at Kotturpuram Railway Station on 12 August 2016 with 60 NSS volunteers. Dr. A. Raja, Asst. Professor, Department of Business Administration and Mrs. Joicy Lidwin, Asst. Professor, Department of Commerce, the NSS officers supervised the programme. The volunteers were divided into groups and cleaned the railway station and its surroundings and collected dried leaves and waste products. Hand-gloves and plastic covers were provided to the volunteers to collect the debris. The NSS volunteers raised the awareness of local people by explaining the importance of cleanliness.


The NSS team of the College initiated their social service activities by attending a week-long camp from 16 to 22 July 2016 at Chennai Primary School, Manja Kollai Street, Aminjikkarai. About 100 NSS volunteers participated in the camp. The theme of the camp was "Healthy Youth for Healthy India".

The first day of the camp began with the inauguration by Mrs.Gunaselvi, the Headmistress of the School. She highlighted the importance of the NSS and the role of volunteers in shaping the youth of India. On the second day, the NSS volunteers involved in various activities such as cleaning the school campus, cutting the branches of tree, ploughing the grass and planted few herbal plants.

The programme schedule of the third day was to educate the students at primary level focusing on basic values and learning skills. The NSS volunteers went to various classes to teach primary subjects such as basic mathematics, storytelling, writing skills, general knowledge and meditation. At afternoon, the feedback session was conducted with the students and teachers and the same was reported to the Head Mistress of the School.

The fourth day began with a Career Guidance Programme by Mr. Chellam Devadas, Director of Rotary Club. The resource person sensitized the NSS volunteers to the various courses and job opportunities that are available to the students after their 12th and UG. In the afternoon Mrs. Shoba, Advocate of High Court had a discussion with the NSS volunteers about plastic free society and individual self awareness.

On the fifth day, Mr. Jetson Sathya Gospal delivered a talk on the importance of self analysis. Another motivational speech was delivered by Mr. Devaraj, Professor, Department of Tamil, Mar Gregorious College, Chennai. He talked about the importance of Republic Day Parade.

On the sixth day of the camp, Mr. Charles Benni, Soft Skills Trainer and Director of Charle English Academy explained the importance of effective communication for successful career. The next session was led by Mr. Josiah, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Mar Gregorious College, Chennai. The resource person gave valuable suggestions for developing leadership qualities quoting many verses from the Bible. The concluding session was led by Ms. R. Jeeeva, Founder and Managing Trustee, Transgender Rights Association, Chennai. The resource person shared her personal experience as a Transgender. Dr. Geetha Rufus, Vice Principal of Patrician College of Arts and Science was the chief guest for the Valedictory function organised in the evening. Some teaching aids were distributed to Chennai Primary School by the chief guest. The NSS special camp report was read by a NSS volunteer S. Yamini Icenth. NSS special camp certificates were distributed to the volunteers at the end of the session.


On the occasion of World AIDS Day on December 1, the NSS Unit conducted AIDS awareness programme for its volunteers. Mr. Soloman Raj, Founder Director of Shelter Trust addressed the gathering. This programme was conducted to create awareness about HIV/AIDS, its causes, and prevention. Ms. Meena, a victim of AIDS, shared her life experience with the students. The students were informed that as NSS volunteers they had a responsible role to spread awareness and educate the society about AIDS/HIV. The session ended with volunteers’ interaction and discussion with the chief guest.






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