Department of Psychology

About the Department

The Department Of Psychology was established during the academic year 2015-16 to offer an undergraduate course in B.Sc Psychology. The Department has grown remarkably in strength and quality, facilitating the students to excel both in academic and non-academic activities.
The mission of the Department is to provide a dynamic learning environment at the undergraduate level. The department strives to develop and apply knowledge and skill sets that will allow faculty and students to engage in the science and practice of psychology. 

The Department provides a platform for undergraduates to learn the scientific principles of behaviour and mental processes, to make significant contributions to the science and practice of psychology, and to produce professionals who serve the community.
Extension activities
The Department organizes workshops, guest lectures, national seminars and research-oriented programmes to equip students with unique learning experiences. Field training and field visits are organized for hands on experience in the concerned field. We equip students to become highly competent and resilient.

Centre for Research and Interdisciplinarity (CRI)

The Centre for Research and Interdisciplinarity (CRI) in Paris was founded in 2005 as a convivial place at the crossroad of life sciences and exact, natural, cognitive, and social sciences. The pilot outreach programme focused on the CRI OCEAN project. The CRI collaborated with the students of psychology in Patrician College. It facilitated them to learn and apply interdisciplinary and innovative approaches in research and education on projects in association with the institutions and people concerned with mental health disorders, intellectual and learning disabilities.
The CRI team, supervised by A.Lindner, Director of the CRI, comprised of A. Krishnakumar (Ph.D student), K.Sivakumar, I.Izri (Interns and CRI EdTech master students) and M.Bari (technical support). CRI students, professors and staff took part in different stages of the outreach programme at different capacities. Minu and Johnson, I year B.Sc Psychology. Aarun and Poornima from II year B.Sc psychology actively participated in the project and they worked along with the students of BCA. The students learned various social skills such as negotiation skills, team building, team leadership. General topics like Interdisciplinarity and collective intelligence were addressed.
The following modules were undertaken  as a part of the project

  •     Critical analysis of Research Articles / Design studies.
  •      Game design
  •      Zizo
  •      Wikipedia page


Name: Dr. Magaveera Nagappa K
Designation: Head, & Asst. Professor
Qualification: M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D
02.Assistant Professor
Name: Ms. Pavithra Narasimhan
Designation: Asst. Professor
Qualification: M.Sc., M.S., DLL., PGHRM
04. Assistant Professor
Name: Ms. Asha Latha Mathew
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.Sc., HRD Psychology
04. Assistant Professor
Name: Mr. Senthil Kumaran J
Designation: Assistant Professor


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