“Fine arts encourage, motivate, inspire, uplift, and stimulate creativity.”

The Fine Arts Club of the college has consistently taken measures to provide access and opportunities for learning and mastering various fine arts. The fine arts club functions to tap out the hidden potentials of the students. They are encouraged to take part in various intercollegiate competitions conducted by reputed institutions.

The activities of the Club commenced on 26 July 2016, with the opening session graced by two eminent artists - Gautam Sundarajan, Actor and Kumar Narayanan, Music Director. The programme was conducted as interactive session with the guests answering questions thrown at them by the students. Workshops in Dance, Theatre and Personality grooming were organized over the next three days. Each workshop had around 50 students and it was held from 2- 4 pm. Urban Choreography, helmed by resource person Mr Apsar, alumni and Dancer/Choreographer at Flyerz Dance company, was held on the 26 July 2016. Students were taught flexibility and different dance moves. This was a workshop which was greatly enjoyed by the participants. Theatre workshop was helmed by Mr. Surendhar, Alumni and Theatre personality. The participants went through role play, voice related activities and different aspects of emoting on stage. All the activities were taught through practical activities.

In the workshop on Grooming and Personality Development, students were taught how to develop pleasing mannerism and a winning personality. The importance of body language, gait was explained and a demo on how a person would assessed based on their gait was shown during the workshop. The resource person was Mr. Vekky Simbu, Personality trainer and a well known person in the Fashion industry.

The feedback from the students was a positive one. They agreed that it was a new experience which encouraged them to move out of their comfort zone. The students who participated in Urban choreography and Theatre were given the option, if they wanted, to register with dance studio/ theatre company to further hone their skills.

Onam Celebration

Onam was celebrated in a grand manner on the 25 September, following all the tradition and practices followed in God’s very own country, Kerala. To mark the occasion students came attired in the traditional Kerala saree/veshti. The Pookkalam (flower rangoli) competition made the central courtyard and the campus colourful and beautiful. The Department of Management was declared the winner in a tough competition of nature’s beauty with a message. The Onam events started with a special prayer song rendered in Malayalam by the College vice chairperson, Ms Hepzibah Veronica. This was followed by ‘Thiruvathira kalli’ the traditional Onam dance performed gracefully by students and singing of onam songs with gusto by shamrock, the college choir. All credit to the singers and dancers as they leant to sing in a tongue twisting language and performed the highly flexible dance moves within a very short time.

As onam celebrates the harvest and season’s bounty, symbolic baskets of fruits were given to the Heads of the institution- the Director, Br. Sebastian and Principal, Dr. M. Ravichandran. The Director, Principal, Vice principal and the student chairman, Mr. Mark Angelo wished the students and staff on the occasion and emphasized on the importance of celebrating the tradition and culture of India. Special ‘payasam’ and chips were distributed to mark the occasion.

This year the Fine arts club ably assisted by the Patrician Student Council actively involved themselves in initiating and conducting the first ever Intercollegiate college culturals, Phantasia 2016 in the month of September. Following the grand success of the event, the college Interdepartmental culturals, Evoluzione, was organized in March 2017






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